The old town center have a rich heritage. Go exploring the houses, the towers, the sloping roofs and go walking to the cobblestone streets and raise your eyes.


The Hall Office :


This is an old Royal auditorium and courthouse, it became a hall office at the end of the 18th century. On the front of the building you can see the blazon including the three towers and the motto of the city : Arneti Laeta Juventus (Joyful Youth of Arnay).


Saint-Laurent Church :


Dated from 1288. The oldest parts have been built in the 15th century (nave+pillars). The church have been recorded in the french historical monuments in 1889. To see : the wooden vault which look like an invert hull boat. Furthermore, the church have been restored during two years and was opened to the visitors in 2015.


La Tour de la Motte Forte :

motte forte arnay 8

This is a machicolation medieval tower with crenelations. Inside diameter = 6,55 m. Thickness of the walls = 1,90 m. Total height at the weather cock foot = 22,30 m. The tower is under construction since 2016 and closed to the visits.


La Maison des Arts de la Table :

Vue de la Maison Régionale à Arnay-le-Duc 2

Old hospice from the 17th century dedicated to Saint-Pierre, it will work until 1977. After restauration, it became the Museum consecrate to the culinary art with annual exhibitions. You can visit it. Paid Enter.


Le Château des Princes de Condé :


Built in the end of the 15th century by the family Merlan de Beaumont, the castle was sold in 1634 to one of the Prince of Condé. After that, it became a hall office at the 18th century. It was sold to a collector of art who remove all the furnitures and the scupltures from the castle. From 1865 to 1958, the file factory Proutat-Michot-Thomeret settled in the building. They produced by hand, precision files for the mechanic’s, the clockmaker’s, the jeweller’s, the stonecarver’s, the dentist’s… It was one of the best file factory of the 19th century, where we can find “a file for each profession”. Until 400 persons worked here. The factory was closed in 1958. The castle became in the sixties a Professional Educative Center, closed to the visitors.

m renaudin


La Maison Bourgogne :

ot fleurie

Nice house built in the end of the 15th century, we can observe Renaissance ornaments on it, with the two towers, the sculpted lion heads on the façade. This house was purchased by Mr Bourgogne who turned it into a confectionery and a biscuit factory. Mr Noblat took over the company in 1920 and  retained the name Bourgogne. The shop was closed in 1971. In 2012 the Tourism Office settled in the house.


Throughout your stroll, you could discover the oldest house of the city, the house with a sculpted sheep, the lime tree, the porch, the old maternity, the sculpture “Lézard de la Table”.

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