The Pays d’Arnay Hiking Club was founded in August 2010.
At the initiative of Hubert Porcheret and friends interested in walking, the idea was to create a hiking club open to all residents of the region and even beyond.
The goal: to organise regular outings (half-day, full-day, overnights).  The outings are for members only yet 1 or 2 are open (without any conditions) to anyone interested in finding out more about the club, the outings planned, the atmosphere …
Unless otherwise announced, the meeting time for all outings is 1.30 pm in Fouché (Rue de la baignade car park).
The club has been associated with the FFRP (French Hiking Federation) since 23 September 2010 and, thus, issues a licence with insurance to all members and affiliates.
Conditions and Rates
A health certificate stating suitability for hiking is requested in order to issue a licence (mandatory for the FFRP).

Membership rates, with the licence and insurance included (civil liability at a minimum):
– €30, €32 or €40 for an individual licence
– €58, €62 or €78 for a family licence (2 adult spouses or live-in partners and up to 3 children or grandchildren)
– €40 for a single-parent family licence.
The rates are based on the insurance level chosen by members.


The hikes
Gentle walks. Nordic walking
Gentle walks: around 8 km every Monday

1/2 day hike: 10 to 12 km, 2 Thursdays and 2 Saturdays a month as per the quarterly schedule available at the club headquarters or the website

Nordic walking: a weekend initiation session in Fouché upon registration
practice session: to work up gradually from 2 to 4 per month.

Rando Santé® (new in 2015)
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Club Rando du Pays d’Arnay
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Mayor of Arnay-le-Duc
Place Bonaventure des Periers 21230 ARNAY-LE-DUC

Phone. 03 80 90 03 44
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